5 Ways to Use Snapchat Geofilters for Kelowna Small Business

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

Seems like yesterday we were using Snapchat to send cute photos of people with dog ears and rainbows flying out of our mouths.  Hmm, I guess we still do that.  But did you know over 8 billion video clips are viewed daily and more than 100 million users are on the app? Don’t believe me? You can go here or here for more Snapchat statistics and facts.  It has very quickly become a valuable marketing tool for Kelowna businesses. I am going to show you how you can still get in early and stand above the marketing clutter.   Your competition isn't doing this yet but they might be soon.  

So, what exactly is a Snapchat geofilter?  

The way I describe it to my clients is this: You’re renting a physical, geographical location for a specific time frame and in that time and space users of the Snapchat app can swipe through their filters and find yours as an option. Your creative geofilter is a graphic overlay on the users’ photos or videos and transforms their experience into a marketing vehicle sponsored by you.  By allowing your geofilter as an option for the Snapchat community, you have just freely hired thousands of human billboards to promote your brand organically.  

Go search events happening in Kelowna in the next 3 months.  Do you have the budget to sponsor the event?  Did you get in on time to become a sponsor?  No and no. Ok. Well, it's not too late!  Geofilters offer that opportunity.  Your marketing can still be there.  

Challenge us!  Bring us your business and let's build your campaign.  

Here are just some ideas on how to use geofilters for your small business:

1. Events

Want to get in on the action at the next Kelowna Rockets game?  You can and you don’t have to sponsor a box or section of seats.  Create a geofilter for the time of the game with graphics that people want to use on their photos or video. Incorporate your logo into a hockey theme. Go Rockets, Go!

Charity events, networking dinners, concerts and festivals are other great events to be a part of because they’re usually held at a specific location for a limited time. Easily target your audience since you know what type of people enjoy certain events.  

2. Brick & Mortar

Geofilters can be "booked" from an hour to 30 days.  If you have the budget, you can create a geofence around your office or retail store almost permanently.   This would work well if you want to draw attention from your local community and neighbours.  If you're in an especially "touristy" spot, your filter would likely get used a lot if it was something appealing to Kelowna visitors. Is your business near Big White Ski Resort? Have a ski theme incorporating the fact that you sell knitted scarves. Or wish everyone a happy ski day.  It can be that simple.  We are trying to get your logo recognized and familiar an audience. 

3. Parties

Having an annual client appreciation party or a holiday party for employees?  It doesn't matter how big or small.  Impress your guests and add geofilters as a different and cool aspect to your party.  Make it fun for everyone to use.  If even 5 of your guests use the filter, your brand has the potential to reach 1000 people.  Not bad for a small investment and one evening of marketing.  

4. Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Most restaurants have at least one special night where they feature a theme, drink or entree. Do you know how many food pics are shared per day?  I don't have the stats in front of me but I think we can all agree that it's A LOT!  Make sure that the food from your restaurant is a big part of those posts.  Encourage your customers to share with friends by prompting to snap, send and show the server to get 10% off the bill.  This will quickly create awareness of events or unique appetizers your restaurant has to offer.  

This way of marketing works similarly and extremely well for coffee shops. Starbucks is known for some really cool geofilters and they can certainly be done on a smaller scale. Coffee shops rely heavily on the local community and this is a creative, fun way to stay in touch with that community.  Keep tabs on outdoor festivals happening in your area.  Create a warming geofilter with your logo.  The festival goers will see the filter in the app's options.  This may just entice them to walk on over and get a hot chocolate.  They can then use the filter when they snap the drink.  Again, before the customers pay, get them to show you the photo for 10% off. 

5. Product Launches

Use a live geofilter on the day that you launch either your product or even a new store. Have it live for 24 hours and let the staff go snap happy using your filter.  This would also work at a tradeshow. Use your logo and an invitation to visit your booth.  Make sure you include the booth number.  

There are endless opportunities to use Snapchat geofilters and your mind is probably already racing with ideas on how to use geofilters for your Kelowna business.  We'd love to hear about your ideas. Feel free to post in comment section.

We have a relationship with Snapchat and work with a team that has submitted hundreds of filters for approval.  They know the dos and don'ts inside out and can get your custom geofilter done in a matter of days.  If you want to discuss ideas in promoting your business using Snapchat please get in touch with us here.