Digital Marketing is today's most powerful, complex and rewarding forms of advertising. It has enabled businesses to interact with targeted audiences in real time. Customers have grown accustomed to engaging and interacting with brands so if you're not online, with a responsive website and an awesome message, you're missing out! 


Four reasons why you should have a digital marketing strategy including content marketing and social media marketing are:


  • Drive qualified traffic to your website

  • Increase your rank on search engines...I'm sure you've heard about 'SEO' by now.

  • Position your brand as the expert and industry leader

  • Develop insanely good customer relationships

Our strategies involve creating engaging content whether in photo, written or video form, developing online ads, and increasing your online presence using only the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and collecting Google reviews. 


A website isn't just a domain name. And it's a lot more complicated than arranging pretty pictures on the screen. At Fetch & Ripple, we create an extension of your brand and help set the tone for your online presence. A beautiful well functioning website has the potential to ignite the conversation between you and your potential customer. 

The right time, the right message, the right audience and the right platform. By using strategic planning, we can capture and engage your audience, turning online window shoppers into trusting followers; trusting followers into loyal customers. It all starts with an impeccable online reputation with amazing reviews. We have unique tools to make you the star of your industry. 

Social media increases brand awareness, builds relationships, and pulls in website traffic, playing an important role in SEO. Many businesses don't take their social media seriously and lack consistency in posting and responding to online messages. You probably noticed the word "social" in social media as well.  That works both ways, you have to give to receive. We have some strategies that will make your business a regular social media butterfly.